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Say goodbye to those dull and lifeless hair with Malibu Hair Treatment. Your answer to getting that smooth and silky locks back.

Malibu treatment is a cleansing formula for your hair. It gets rid of all the mineral and chlorine that builds up your hair and restores your hairs natural moisture. All these Malibu collection is available at One Source Beauty.

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Beauty is Wellness. That is Malibu's promise. 100% vegan and gluten and paraben free hair and skin treatments. Malibu hair treatment is a cleansing formula that washes away mineral and chlorine build up that dulls your hair. When hair is exposed to these chemical while swimming or bathing, it loses its luster and natural moisture making it look dry and hard. All thesse and more of Malibu Hair Treatment products at guaranteed low price is available at One Source Beauty. Your one stop beauty online shop.