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Airbrush Tanning 101 0

Airbrush Tanning 101

When you decide to go bronze, the first question to usually popup into your mind is whether to opt for the traditional spray-tan or go for airbrush tanning. What is Airbrush Tanning? The term...

Spray Tan, Before and After 0

Spray Tan, Before and After

If you plan to attend your best friend’s wedding bare-legged, going for a fake bake may achieve a bold look with a healthier glow. But before you get into the tanning salon or be...

Top 8 Spray Tan Tips 0

Top 8 Spray Tan Tips

Bronzed and beautiful. Golden and glowing. You’ve heard it all. Correctly plan to tan.  Preparing properly for your spray tan means you will get longer lasting results from your tanning application while keeping that...

Norvell Spray Tan Ingredients 1

Norvell Spray Tan Ingredients

Why choose Norvell? Norvell offers you a spray tan much more than just a Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) infused spray bottle. With years of experience on its side, Norvell expertly builds each spray bottle to perform...

How to Maintain a Good Spray Tan 0

How to maintain a Spray Tan

How to achieve and maintain your dream spray tan? You truly want your dazzling bronze results to last longer than a few days after your tanning session. Excessive water, cosmetics, exfoliation and bad skin-care...

Spray Tanning FAQs 0

Spray Tanning FAQs for Customers

How should I prepare for my session? Up to 24 hours before your session, we recommend using a mild body polish such as Norvell’s Renewing Sunless Exfoliator™. Any heavy exfoliation or oily scrubs should...



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